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Conference Comments

Past Comments from our conferences !

"I enjoyed that grace permeated thru all; refreshed my soul."

"Probably more my church's issue, but I wish it had been promoted more. Great conference; I wish more men from church had come and known about it."

"The structure of the conference was optimal. All in attendance were able to listen to great speakers and excellent music in less than 24 hours."

"I really appreciate the teaching of this conference. I firmly believe that it already has changed my life and my life with my brothers in Christ! I sincerely hope this change in my life will continue, and I wish to thank all who are responsible for this conference for the Gospel-centered, Grace-oriented content that has been shared with us."

"The thing I enjoyed most was hearing the consistent truth of grace which is so counter to our own logical thought. What made it real was to hear it from real men that each man in the room could identify with."

"The emphais on grace and the teaching was powerful."
"Have coffee."
"I feel renewed, encouraged and emboldened ! Thank you."
(Ed: Just think how he'd felt if there was coffee!)

"I enjoyed seeing grace at work in churches other than ours. ... Being with a larger group focused on grace was encouraging."

"I'm really encouraged by this, and I really appreciate all the work everyone did to organize it. I hope and pray that this is the beginning of an amazing movement of God transforming men with grace."

"It was great to see so many men at the conference."
"I appreciate the genuineness and honesty of confronting the issues we all face."
"Overall, a fantastic conference. Biblically based, honest, and applicable to all Christian men! I will share what ya'll have shared with all the men in my church as much as possible."
"Great conference for men of all ages."
"I enjoyed the Gospel-centeredness of every talk."

"The content was fabulous. The place was nice but not practical. I'd be willing to sleep in a sleeping bag in the cold for this! But thanks so much - it was great!"
  "I enjoyed the quality and emphasis of teaching on issues men wrestle with."

"It was a great time for fellowship and renewing the spiritual life."

"I enjoyed the company of other Christian men, the wonderful speakers, the renewal of hope and motivation that the messages promoted."

"What a great time of fellowship and motivation from the Word. ... Thank you so, so much for doing this, and I would definately attend again."

"When grace grips a man's heart, it makes him realize how weak he is and how much he needs a brother to be vulnerable with. When he realizes he is in a fight, he realizes he is too weak and needs a brother to fight beside him."

"It was a tremendous opportunity to listen to some great speakers and to worship with other people who are going through the same struggles as we are."

"Well done! Encouraging in the true biblical sense of the word. Not just feel good affirmation."

"We need frequent gatherings like this to spur us on to personal and corporate faithfulness to Christ and to whom He has created and re-created us to be! Thank you for making this conference accessible to young sons - as a youth minister, I am looking forward to seeing fruit in these young men's lives as well as in their relationships with their fathers who brought them."

"I enjoyed the spirit of honesty about sin, its' consequences and our God's love for us despite it."

"The conference was tremendous. Bryan spoke straight to my heart with words of encouragement. I have been blown away by what I've experienced from God through these men who spoke."

"I enjoyed the opportunity to get away from my daily life and be refreshed in God's grace and reflect with other men."

"The conference is a great opportunity to address what is often missing from American churches!"

"Fantastic conference. I am blessed and I leave with a renewed knowledge of who and whose I am. Thank you."

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